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SNIC Insurance Celebrates the 8th Time Attack Event

On the 8th of February 2020 SNIC Insurance sponsored the “Time Attack Event 2020” for the third year, Being the exclusive insurance provider for Porsche club Bahrain, SNIC designed an exclusive insurance policy for Porsche club members to protect and empower club members participants for the exciting event.  The race was hosted by Porsche Club Bahrain at the home of motorsports in the Middle East, Bahrain International Circuit

It goes without saying SNIC Insurance has always been a leader in ensuring high performance and classic cars in the market; and consistently encouraging members of the Porsche Club Bahrain, to participate in the “Time Attack Event 2020” and unleash their talents and passion for the sport enjoying the safest driving environment in Bahrain.

Feda Salameh AGM- Marketing and Consumer affairs at SNIC “commented “Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all Porsche Club members who participated in the race wishing them a healthy, prosperous and successful 2020”.

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