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SNIC Insurance future leader’s internship development program

SNIC Insurance, welcomed undergraduate students from various local and international universities to its internship programme. The young leaders were assigned to various departments in the company based on their specializations and interests.

 The Internship presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of our future generations towards the insurance industry, by providing various on job training, hands on projects and assignments that emphases on developing the knowledge and competencies of students which opens possibilities to the future

SNIC Insurance Assistant General Manager Ahmed Radhi stated:” the internship is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility commitment and long-term vision towards empowering different segments of the Bahraini society, by providing the future generations with opportunities to attain extensive on-job training that complements their education. This program is structured as a stepping-stone to the students’ careers by offering them on job training in various departments within the company”.

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