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SNIC Insurance celebrates 15 years of success

SNIC Insurance celebrated 15 years of success in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The celebration was held in December last year with the presence of employees and management in the Orangery Park, while maintaining all necessary safety precautions.

The gathering was opened with a welcoming speech from The General Manager of SNIC Insurance Mr. Khalid Al Shaikh: "I am pleased to begin by congratulating everyone on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of SNIC Insurance in the Kingdom, positioned as one of the key insurance companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain”.

SNIC established a strong thumbprint in the Employee Benefit’s and Retail Insurance service segment.  During its journey, it developed practical insurance solutions and initiatives, offering customers a complete one stop shop service and continued with the same momentum by enhancing the customers experience with the development of their unique digital Employee Benefits Platform (EBP). The EBP empowered the life and medical corporate customers with digital retail insurance products and services, including a flexible and transparent digital savings and investment solution named “Gady”. In addition, SNIC deployed a robust new core insurance system with TATA Consultancy Services which provided the flexibility for developing new products responding to the market needs and trends specifically during the breakout of Covid-19 pandemic. On the other hand, SNIC continued to make further enhancements on the customer comfort levels by providing a completely refurbished Salmabad branch creating a warmer and safer environment to both customers and employees.

SNIC was able to attain AM Best rating as B+ with stable outlook despite its short period of operation in the Kingdom of Bahrain due to its strong balance sheet and effective strategy implementation.

Mr. Al Shaikh stated: “we celebrate our successes and achievements throughout SNIC’s journey. I reiterate my thanks to all of you for your tireless pursuit, which has made SNIC truly distinguished by its cadres, services and customers."  

The celebration included honoring employees who have spent years of service, along with distinguished employees from various departments and committees with certificates of appreciation and rewards for their achievements and held competitions and handed prizes for the winners in a joyful festive atmosphere.

Mr. Al Shaikh concluded the ceremony by saying: "We will continue as one team moving forward towards higher levels of growth, providing advanced insurance services in accordance with the latest technologies and digital systems. I am confident of continuing the success achieved with your efforts and dedication, believing your capabilities and talents to innovate."

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