تجربة سنك للتأمين في مباشرة الحوادث المرورية البسيطة

13 Apr 2022

يعتبر مشروع إسناد الحوادث المرورية البسيطة المتصالح عليها إلى شركات التأمين نقلة نوعية وخطوة رائدة في إجراءات الحوادث المرورية و مطالبات المركبات في مملكة البحرين بشكل خاص و المنطقة ب...

SNIC Appoints Senior Manager

09 Feb 2022

SNIC Insurance recently appointed Mr. Mohammed Sanad as Senior Manager of the Information Technology Department. This appointment comes as part of the company's strategy in strengthening the role of Bahraini leaders and implementing the company's plans of digital transformation as well as building a strong technology system that simulates global...

SNIC Insurance celebrates 15 years of success

01 Feb 2022

SNIC Insurance celebrated 15 years of success in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The celebration was held in December last year with the presence of employees and management in the Orangery Park, while maintaining all necessary safety precautions.

The gathering was opened with a welcoming speech from The General Manager of SNIC Insurance Mr. K...